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Congratulations to 2016 Marilyn Foster Scholarship Recipient, DaniRose Hill

This weekend, CJWC members Maggie Pettit, Toni Trinidad, and Kaye Sweetser joined me as we attended an award luncheon in honor of our 2016 Marilyn Foster Scholarship award recipient, DaniRose Hill. We were lucky to be joined by two of our city council members, Mike Woiwode and Richard Bailey, who helped bring a sense of civic duty to our event.

Those who knew Marilyn Foster were lucky to have met such an inspirational, charitable, and remarkable woman. She spent her many years in Coronado giving back to the community through numerous organizations and clubs. Without a doubt, the CJWC was lucky to have her as a member, mentor, and lifelong friend.

Like Marilyn, DaniRose Hill is a exceptional young woman, and we are honored to bestow her with this award. Throughout her time at Coronado High School, she has found her own unique way to back to her community. In her sophomore year, she began Project Sammich, a club dedicated to feeding the hungry and homeless. Each month, teams of students come together and make hundreds of sandwiches that they will then pass out to the homeless in nearby areas. With her leadership and passion driving the club forward, Project Sammich is now a 501c3 tax-exempt organization, with chapters starting up across the country.

In the fall, she will be following her dreams to the University of California at Santa Barbara. DaniRose has been a surfer for many years, and is excited to further explore her passion for both surfing and environmental science. “Surfing is undeniably the centerpiece of my life… It gave me the inspiration to major in environmental science, and the connection that allows me to pursue environmental issues passionately and whole-heartedly.”

Congratulations, DaniRose, on continuing such a wonderful legacy.

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