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Halloween Window Painting 2016

For more than 25 years the Coronado Junior Woman’s Club has proudly sponsored the Halloween Window Painting along Orange Ave, 10th Street, C Street and Loma Ave. This annual event brings together the local businesses, children, and families for a fun fall day.

Last Sunday, October 23, many children carefully created their window works of art with hopes of being one of this year’s chosen winners. We were honored to have Mrs. Maria Simon, Governing Board President of the Coronado Unified School District, judge the best window artwork for 2016. Mrs. Simon was extremely excited and impressed with all of the outstanding paintings. It was difficult to pick just one favorite, so she chose three and for good reason.

The Coronado Junior Woman’s Club is very proud to announce the winners for 2016: Juliana Gutierrez for Most Creative. Her artwork can be found at Seaside Papery. Angelica and Evi for Most Fun. Their artwork can be found at Yogurt Escape. And for the #1 Best Art, Addie Cornelius. Her masterpiece can be found at Nado Gelato.

We welcome the community and guests to take a walk through our wonderful shops this Halloween season and check out the beautiful artwork our kids made for all of us to enjoy.

We also want to say a big THANK YOU to our 34 local businesses who let us show off the talent of our participating school kids. We could not do this without your continued support and love for Coronado. We look forward to continuing this tradition for another 25 years!

Juliana Gutierrez for Most Creative at Seaside Papery

Most Creative: Juliana Gutierrez (at Seaside Papery)

Angelica and Evi for Most Fun at Yogurt Escape

Most Fun: Angelica and Evi (at Yogurt Escape)

#1 Best Art of 2016 by Addie Cornelius at Nado Gelato

#1 Best Art, Addie Cornelius (at Nado Gelato)

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